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Glenn Kaiser has been a musician since the late '60s. In 1971, he joined the group that woud later become Resurrection (Rez) Band. Glenn played hard rock with Rez for more than 25 years before setting out on his own to pursue other musical avenues. In 1999 he formed the blues rock trio Glenn Kaiser Band with Roy Montroy and Ed Bialach, but Glenn's musical creativity sometimes steps out of that mold. Glenn's solo career has centered around the blues but he has ventured off into R&B, American roots, and worship.

Glenn Kaiser and harmonica master Joe Filisko teamed up in the summer of 2012 for a concert at the final Cornerstone Festival in west-central Illinois. This forty minute concert features the great blues duo showcasing their years of talent and artistry. Glenn Kaiser and Joe Filisko Live at Cornerstone Festival 2012 is available now in audio (CD, MP3) and video (DVD) formats.

  1. 1 Free [Info] I Wanna Hear The Angels Sing 03:06
  2. 2 $0.99 I'll Fly Away 04:52
  3. 3 $0.99 God In Sky Above 04:06
  4. 4 $0.99 Memory 05:46
  5. 5 $0.99 Immanuel 03:49
  6. 6 $0.99 Everybody Understands The Blues 03:14
  7. 7 $0.99 Most Of All 03:57
  8. 8 $0.99 Blue Rain Fall 02:49
  9. 9 $0.99 [Lyrics] Live Your Life For A Change 02:17
  10. 10 $0.99 Sweet Home Chicago - Live 03:02


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