Words: Tony Krogh, Music: Tony Krogh / Traditional

I'll ride with Ye, my King, I'll take the stirrup cup and swallow
With sword and shield I'll take the field and live or die I'll follow

Nations rant, kingdoms rage, forces joined for war
Sabers rattle, rulers threaten, hear the mocking roar
Mountains shift, the oceans surge, trouble's comin' soon
Whate'er the cost I’ll bear the cross and I will follow You

My arm is weak, my sword is dull, my armor's rusted thin
I struggle with the backward glance, the coward's favorite sin
Fear and doubt can shake resolve, turn day to blackest night
If You, my King, lead from the front I’ll follow to the fight

At times I feel I'm blindly groping, frightened and alone
I think of sons and daughters and the world that they will own
Your gatherin' pipe will loudly sound but will they heed the call?
Will they answer, will they rally, will they stand or fall?

Tho' foe is gone and battle won the war is never o'er
We travel on tho' cheered by none to reach a distant shore
None may know how much we've lost or victories that we've won
Tho' peace may reign, to hold Your standard high we struggle on

Foxhunter's Reel / The Sally Gardens
Reels: Traditional

Words: Tony Krogh, Music: Tony Krogh / Traditional

Four and thirty years ago my mother bore a child
In spite of all she did for me I grew up running wild
My father ran with Judah's band, was killed by Roman hands
My mother died when I was young, before I'd become a man
  Life was all a Roman rule and just to stay alive
  I learned to fight and cheat and steal in order to survive

In robbers' roosts and bandit caves 'twas there I learned my trade
They taught me how to use my fists and how to use a blade
Life's hard knocks had taught me well, my conscience seared and scarred
Hide the pain, the guilt, the shame then living's not so hard
  Life was all a Roman rule and just to stay alive
  Kill the shame, hide the pain in order to survive

The years had flown, I had grown from cave rat to a thief
From bandit to a firebrand was an easy step for me
Then rumors came to tell of one who healed the blind and lame
They said His name was Yeshua, from Nazareth He came
  When Life was all a Roman rule, just to stay alive
  You kept Messiah in your dreams in order to survive

The sun-baked road to Bethany was where I met my fate
Roman law had found me as I entered through the gate
My life had been a folded fist, a hate-infected wound
This hill of crosses was for me but hope would find me soon
  When life was all a Roman Rule, just to stay alive
  I kept Messiah in my dreams in order to survive

Then the puzzle came together and I understood the plan
On the cross beside me was God’s sacrificial lamb
As others mock He looks at me and suddenly I see
I'm here because of things I've done. He’s here because of me

Remember me, remember me, remember me
When You come into Your kingdom

Now Rome has swung the hammer and my bones have given way
I'll pay the price for a rebel’s life before the end of day
I struggle now for my last breath if just to scream in pain
As all around me fades away. I hear Him call my name 

Words: Joyce Denham, Music: Hilde Bialach

Oh Christ, You calm the storm at sea;
In tempest sore, be calming me.
Oh Christ, You walk upon the wave;
When sinking fast, my footing save.
Oh Christ, the stricken child You raise;
My spirit lift in joy and praise.
Oh Christ, You heal the man born blind;
Make bright the darkness in my mind.

Oh Christ, You feed the crowd with bread;
With words of truth let me be fed.

Oh Christ, You make the water wine
Take humble gifts and make them fine
Oh Christ, the Resurrection morn'
With Your new life my life adorn

Oh Christ, You calm the storm at sea;
In tempest sore, be calming me
Oh Christ, the Resurrection morn'
With Your new life, my life adorn.

Music: Jennifer Ingerson

The Red Coat / The Gravel Walk / The Ale Is Dear / The Mason's Apron
Strathspey, Reels: Traditional

Words: Columbanus, Tony Krogh, Music: Tony Krogh / Traditional

With sweat and blood and Blackwood pine
We laid her keel and faired her lines
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

With her keel tight-caulked she swims right well
Let torrents fall and wild gusts swell
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

The tempests howl, the storms dismay
But manly strength can win the day
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

For clouds and squalls will soon pass on
And victory lies with work well done
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

Hold fast! Survive! And all is well
You've suffered worse, He'll calm this swell
Heave, lads, and let the echoes ring

Satan acts to tire the brain
And by temptation souls are slain
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him

With fixed resolve we scorn the foe
With virtues armed we pray and row
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him

The king of virtues vowed a prize
For him who wins, for him who tries
Think, lads, of Christ and echo Him 

Words: Robert Louis Stevenson, Music: Eric Clayton

Under the wide and starry sky          
Dig the grave and let me lie                
Glad did I live and gladly die             
And I laid me down with a will
This be the verse you grave for me
Here he lies where he longed to be
Home is the sailor, home from the sea
And the hunter home from the hill 

Johnny Boyle's / Sliabh Russell / The Mug of Brown Ale
Jigs: Traditional

Words: Tony Krogh, Music: Tony Krogh / Traditional

Home, home, home, home would I be
Home, home, home in that High Country
With my God, with my King, with Their Spirit filling me
I would dwell there forever in that fair Country

Father kind, ever loving
Son of man who paid the price
And the Spirit, mighty Spirit
Three to shield me from the night
Mighty God, my Redeemer
With Your hand be lifting me
From this dark night of trials
From this world of stormy seas

I am war-torn and weary
As I wander through the night
And I pray my God for courage
To continue with the fight
You began this work within me
Help me not to fail the test
And defend me in my battles
Till You bring me to my rest    

In the eye of the Father
In the eye of the Son
In the eye of the Spirit
In the Three who are One
I will bless the God whose power                                                                                        
Encircles land and sea                             
And I will dance, I will sing
'Round the table of the King

The Turf Lodge / Morrison's Jig / The Athol Highlanders
Pipe Major Angus MacDonald / Traditional / Traditional







Lyrics: Tony Krogh   Music: Tony Krogh / trad.
This song was written to exhort and encourage Christians. We are the living stones with which Christ has built His Church (1 Peter 2:5). The pipe tune we play at the end of the song is a jig that comes from Ireland. It’s one I’ve wanted to use for a long time called “The Fermoy Lasses.”                       

Out on the lonely moor or high upon the hillside
Standing stones are pointing to the sky
Granite-hard and weathered, left to tell a story
You can see them standing so high

Old ones tell the tales while the young 
sit back in wonder
At the mysteries unfolding in the songs
Of heroes and their trials, 
of our God’s awesome glory
Now they are the ones to carry on

Far across the ruins of time, 
all down through the ages
You can hear the ancient voices faintly cry
Now you are the stones, you are the stories
Tell the people, lift your voices, raise them high

We must stand upon the plains 
and in the highest places
And the valleys where all choices must be made
We will rise up o’er the green, 
also the bleak and barren wastes
To show the springs where the grace of God has reigned

We’re reminders of His love, the lessons of the battle
And a witness to the shedding of His blood
Now we’re standing straight and tall, unmoved by wind or weather
Living stones are now the dwelling of our God

Mike: guitar, vocals  Mark: whistle, vocals  Tony: lead vocals, bodhran, highland pipes  Jen: fiddle,vocals  Hilde: cello, vocals

A jig, a slip jig, and a slide, “The Leitrim Fancy,” “Kid on the Mountain,” and “Merrily Kiss The Quaker,” are in 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8 respectively. Slides are a type of tune particularly associated with Kerry. This set has a bit of a session feel to it. 
Jen: fiddle, Hilde: cello, piano Tony: whistle, uillean pipes Mark: flute, bodhran  Mike: bouzouki

Lyrics: Hilde Bialach    Music: Hilde Bialach, Mike Baznik, trad.
Dedicated to my friend Niki (Nevena Stojcic, 1926–1999). Taken prisoner as a teenager and made to work in a submarine factory in World War II Germany, she was left with many painful memories. After immigrating to America she started experiencing physical problems that left her in constant pain and eventually tied her to a wheelchair. When her leg was amputated she hit an all-time low. One amazing thing about Niki was that in the midst of all her hardships she was able to hang on to her faith in a God that she knew loved her and would listen to her. She loved the psalms in which David would pour out his complaints to God. “If he could do it, I can do it,” she would say. May her story be an inspiration to us all when faced with hard times. —Hilde

I see you lying there so helpless and alone
I wonder where your thoughts are. Are they going back home?
A little girl just fine, free from any cares
Your legs so strong and healthy running up and down those hills

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

Soon your life would change beneath the clouds of war
Your country was invaded; you were taken by force
Screams of hate and fear became your everyday
I’ve seen your desperation as the memories return

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

A woman with no home, you tried to look ahead
The land of opportunity was calling your name
Did it give you peace? Did you ever feel at home?
Far from your own people you were going on alone

You came across the ocean with dreams of happiness
But endless disappointment was waiting for you here

Then your close companion was the pain that wouldn’t leave
When your leg was gone you felt that you could not go on

You cry out to your God every day and every night
You know He suffers with you and calls you His own
You won’t reject His name. He is your only hope
And you will meet Him soon when He carries you home

So look across to Heaven and dream of happiness
An endless celebration is waiting for you there
He’s waiting for you there

Mike: guitar  Mark: whistle, vocals  Jen: fiddle,  Hilde: lead vocals, cello  Tony: bouzouki, bodhran, vocals 

Lyrics:  Tony Krogh  music:  Tony Krogh / trad.
We’ve never been accused of writing too many worship songs, but this album seemed to need some. We actually have two of them. This one was patterned after the prayers used by the early Celtic church. The tune that follows it is the well-known “Out on the Ocean.”

My heart within me quakes with fear
    Let your joy come in the morning
Let your Spirit hover near
    Turn my mourning into dancing

When hatred turns my heart to stone
    Let your joy come in the morning
When I’m lost and all alone
    Turn my mourning into dancing

When confusion dims my sight
    Let your joy come in the morning
Drive the darkness from the night
    Turn my mourning into dancing

Weeping tarries for a night
    Let your joy come in the morning
Dark surrenders to the Light
    Turn my mourning into dancing

When anger to the wind is cast
    Let your joy come in the morning
Weave your peace around me fast
    Turn my mourning into dancing

Lord, my rock and fortress be
    Let your joy come in the morning
Jesus, come deliver me
    Turn my mourning into dancing

Encircle me, O Trinity
    Let your joy come in the morning
Lord, your joy my strength will be
    Turn my mourning into dancing

Mike: bodhran, vocals  Tony: guitar, lead vocals  Mark: flute,  Jen: fiddle  Hilde: cello, vocals  

Trad./trad./trad./Tony Krogh
An air and three reels here. The air is also known as “Valentia Harbour.” The title “Song of the Books” was given to it after one Tomas Rua added lyrics at a later date. The first two reels are traditional while Tony wrote the third a couple years ago. Mike has given the whole an excellent guitar treatment.

Tony: uillean pipes, whistle  Hilde: cello  Mike: guitar  Mark: whistle, Jen: fiddle

Lyrics: Tony Krogh    Music: Tony Krogh/trad.
In August of the year 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton, known variously to his crew as “the Boss” or 
“Cautious Jack,” set sail for Antarctica. His goal was to be the first to traverse the continent from coast to coast crossing the South Pole in the process. However, within sight of land his ship was frozen and crushed in the pack ice of the Weddell Sea. His story is one of endurance, survival, and commitment to the welfare of the men under his command, all of whom were saved. Only one suffered any lasting physical injuries, losing some toes to frostbite. Ironically, he was a stowaway. It seems fitting that Shackleton’s family crest should have the motto “By Enduring We Conquer” emblazoned across the top. Arty McGlynn, the well-known Irish guitar player, calls the tune we use to open the song “Sonny Brogan’s.” The rather appropriate tune at the end, “Hole in the Boat,” is from the playing of Chicago musician Laurence Nugent.    

In August nineteen-fourteen
Sir Ernest sailed for the Weddell Sea
Twenty-seven souls and he
In the bonny bark Endurance

Sheathed in greenheart stem to stern
With a heart of oak and coal to burn
Beneath each mast a copper coin
To keep her bones from breaking

Oh the sea, oh the sea, oh the howling wind and sea
Through frozen tears and gales of grief
Enduring we shall conquer
Oh the sea, oh the sea, oh the howling wind and sea
With courage, faith, and hope in ye
Enduring we shall conquer

Floes to starboard fore and aft
Her port beam speared by an icy shaft
They broke her heart, they broke her back
Antarctic ice the master

The Boss cries out, “She’s goin’, boys!
Her stack’s gone down between the flows!”
They watched her as her rudder rose
And slowly sank beneath them

Dropping down to eight below
A living gale begins to blow
Tonight they sleep on the open floe
The sun itself is dying

Desolate, dark, an awful sight
The blackness of the polar night
Two months and more without the light
Or warmth of sun to cheer them

Strike the tents, the boats away
The pack is breaking, pull and pray
For Elephant Isle they bear away
Across the Bransfield Strait

Open boats in a hostile sea
The ocean gives no guarantee
Six days from Patience far away
They make their lonely landfall

Cautious Jack made up his mind
Six would leave the rest behind
Praying for their peace of mind
Set sail for South Georgia

Four long months, the days crept by
They watched with weary and desperate eye
When there at last, hope justified
Was Shackleton returning

Tony: guitar, lead vocals  Mike: lead guitar, vocals, bodhran   Mark: whistle,flute  Jen:fiddle  Hilde: cello

Lyrics: Tony Krogh   Music: Tony Krogh, Jen Ingerson
Based on an American folk song, our version is set among the traveling folk or the tinkers of Ireland. Many times it’s not easy to live a Christian life in a world that seems to be against us at every turn. Of the tune at the end called “Running for the Barn” Jen writes: The last time I willingly got on a horse I learned that they tend to speed up when they realize they’re headed toward the barn. As a Christian I want to be like those horses—the closer I get to my true home, the harder I’m going to run, straight for the arms of God.

My people are the travelin’ folk 
 I was born in sorrow
Cast out in the world to roam
No hope for the morrow

I am tossed and driven, lads
By fate I’m bound to roam
I’ve seen that city called heaven, lads
I’m calling it my home; I’m calling it my home

My life was never easy, boys
Seems I never win
Eighteen years of trying, Lord
I’m tempted to give in

My mother’s gone before me now
Whiskey’s claimed my kin
My brothers they all shun me ’cause
I’m trying to get in

If no one here will walk with me
I’ll carry on alone
I’ve seen that place called heaven 
Now I’m making it my own

Tony: lead vocals, bodhran  Jen: fiddle  Mike: vocals, guitar  Mark: flute

Lyrics: Jen Ingerson  Music: Jen Ingerson, Tony Krogh
Sarah and her family came as refugees to live with our community for several months. They brought three sons, but not the baby daughter we’d expected; she was lost to malaria shortly before they left the camp. Tall, sad, beautiful, and mysterious in her silence, Sarah often made me wonder at the faithfulness of Christians who have never had the blessings or comforts I’m used to associating with being a follower of Christ.—Jen

I come from the proud land of Africa
My home the savanna of southern Sudan
Now home is a city across the wide sea
A jungle of metal and noise and strange men

I dream of a village in Africa
Its peace shattered by shots and loud cries
I run from that place as the smoke rises high
The place where my father and brothers have died

Now home is a shelter in Pinyundo Camp
If home you can label this desolate place
With hope as scarce as the water and food
But God walks beside me, I cling to His grace

I must fly on the wings of the dawn
Banished by famine and fear o’er the sea
Yet I’ll sing in the shadow of your wings
I’ll take your promises with me

My days now are full tending husband and sons
But I look past the fences, I’m longing to flee 
Where hunger and fear no more live by our side
Where our children are safe from despair and disease

I bury my daughter in Africa
Deep in the soil of my garden of hope
She’s safe in God’s arms, but I want her in mine
My arms ache to hold her one more time

We go to the land of America
We take our three boys, leave a small mound of earth
A new life to sow where the wind blows so cold
Uprooting our lives in the hope of rebirth

I dream of a village in Africa
And outside my window the snow gently falls
A new baby boy cradled close to my heart
A flicker of hope gives a whispering call

Yet I long for that proud land of Africa
Though violence and pain be her lot on this earth
I grieve for the life that I’ll never know
In a village at home in the land of my birth

Hilde: lead vocals  Tony: guitar, vocals  Mark: flute  Mike: bouzouki  Jen: fiddle, vocals

Music: William Connellan
We had hoped to have more harp on this album but time and the vagaries of life got in the way. We did, however, get this one in. Mark picked it up from the playing of Patrick Ball. The air is often listed as Carolan’s Dream, but we have chosen to use the title given by the composer William Connellan. Carolan is reported to have said that he would rather have composed Molly MacAlpin than any of the melodies that he himself had written. Quite a compliment coming from the master of the harp that Carolan was.

Mark: harp  Tony: low D whistle,  Hilde: cello

Lyrics: Tony Krogh  Music:  Tony Krogh/trad.
All right. This is it. A full-on worship song Crossing style. We hope that it blesses you as it has us. The tune that we use as an instrumental break in the middle is the air to a traditional song from Brittany. This whole song has a very Breton feel to it. 

Come let our hands, hands be raised
Come let His name, name be praised
Come let our hands, hands be raised
Come let His name, name be praised
His steadfast love endures

Praise Him Lord of lords
       His steadfast love endures
Crown Him King of kings
       His love endures forever

Ye mountains and ye hills
      Ye rivers and ye rills
Let all the earth rejoice
       His love endures forever

Fire and hail and snow
       And stormy winds that blow
Can’t keep us from His love
       His love endures forever

You stars and moon and sun
       Give praises to the one
Whose love endures forever
      Whose steadfast love endures

You people of the earth
      Come sing for all you’re worth
His steadfast love endures
      His love endures forever

Our God reigns forever

Tony: guitar, lead vocals  Jen: fiddle, vocals  Mark: flute, vocals  Mike: bodhran, vocals   Hilde: vocals

The Australian outback slams headfirst into the highlands of Scotland on this set “The Hag at the Churn” and “The Humours of Whiskey.” They’re probably not the sort of titles you would expect to find on an album meant for Christians. If it helps, you can think of them as “The Church Lady” and “The Bummers of Whiskey.” At any rate, they’re great tunes and a welcome addition to an album that’s rather light on pipe sets. We’ll see what we can do about that on the next album. After all, the Lord is coming back to the sound of the great highland bagpipe, isn’t He?

Mike: bouzouki  Tony: highland pipes  Mark: flute, bodhran  Jen: fiddle  Hilde: cello  Brian Grover: didgeridoo

The Crossing is:  
Tony Krogh: guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, highland pipes, uilleann pipes, low D whistle, high D whistle, lead and background vocals  
Jennifer Ingerson: fiddle, background vocals  
Mark Hall: flute, whistles, Irish harp, bodhran, background vocals  
Mike Baznik: guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, background vocals  
Hilde Bialach: cello, piano, lead and background vocals.
And last, but certainly not least (that’s not size-ist, Rick) is our soundman, roadie, van driver, good friend and major fan, Rick Strahan.  



Music: traditional
This recording is a bit of a travelogue, beginning in ancient Israel, moving through the story of Christ’s birth in the world, on to His “birth” in each of our lives, and finishing with the longing for his return. We invite you to journey with us! We begin with the mournful longings of the Hebrew prophets; as their land is laid waste, they seek the Messiah, and hope for Emmanuel, “God with us.” (Isaiah 7:13)

Tony: didgeridoo; Mark: flute

Words & music: Traditional, Cornish origin
The angel Gabriel spoke to Mary and Joseph; he brought joyous news to Mary, then had to allay Joseph’s fears. The melody is loosely based on the written music in the Oxford Book of Carols. The song comes from Cornwall.

When righteous Joseph wedded was to Israel’s Hebrew maid  
The angel Gabriel came from heaven, and to the Virgin said
‘Hail, blessed Mary, full of grace, the Lord remain on thee
Thou shalt conceive and bear a son, our Savior for to be'

Then sing you all, both great and small  
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!
We may rejoice to hear the voice of the angel Gabriel

Then Joseph thought to shun all shame and Mary to forsake
But God’s dear angel in a dream his mind did undertake
‘Fear not, old Joseph, she’s thy wife, she’s still a spotless maid
There’s no conceit or sin at all against her can be laid’

Thus Mary and her husband kind together did remain
Until the time of Jesus’ birth, as scripture doth make plain
As mother, wife, and virtuous maid, our Savior sweet conceived
And in due time to bring us Him, of whom we are bereaved

Sing praises all both young and old, to him that wrought such things
And all without the means of man, sent us the King of kings
Who is of such a spirit blest, that with his might did quell
The world, the flesh and by his death did conquer death and hell

Jennifer: fiddle; Pat: bodhran, backing vocals; Mark: whistle, backing vocals; Mike: bouzouki, backing vocals; Tony: uillean pipes, vocals; Hilde: cello

Words by Rev W. Lloyd, trans. by K. E. Roberts; Music by Tony Krogh
Tony: I gave up trying to read the music on this song, and made up my own melody! We often hear of the star, shining in the east; for the wise men, the star appeared in the western sky. This song is from Wales.

Dark the night lay, wild and dreary moaned the wind by Melchior’s tower
Sad the sage, while pond’ring weary o’er the doom of Judah’s power
When behold, the clouds are parted—westward, lo, a light gleams far!
Now his heart’s true quest has started, for his eyes have seen the star

Now, Lord Jesus, hear our calling,  deep the darkness where we stray
How shall we, mid boulders falling, know for Thine the rough-hewn way?
Lo, a light shines down to guide us where Thy saints and angels are!
Now we know Thy love beside us; for our eyes have seen the star

Pat: bodhran; Tony: guitar, vocals; Jennifer: fiddle; Mike: bass bodhran; Hilde: cello; Mark: flute

Words: Seán MacRéamoinn; Music: Traditional/Mike Baznik/Mike Baznik
The Gaelic song “Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil”   was translated by Seán MacRéamoinn. “Frost on the Fingernails” and “The Cold Barn” were song titles we came up with after memorable concerts. The first was a concert at the Adirondack Folk/Gospel fest where we played late one evening under a tree (thanks, Field, for the memories!). Ahh, the cold barn . . . it is still hard to believe we played that night. The venue, booked by a college Homecoming committee, was a barn— without walls. In Michigan, in October.

I sing of a night in Bethlehem, a night as bright as dawn
I sing of that night in Bethlehem; the night the Word was born

The skies are glowing gaily; the earth in white is dressed
See Jesus in His cradle drink deep at His mother’s breast

And there on the lonely hillside, the shepherds bow down in fear
When the heaven opens brightly and God’s message rings out so clear

“Glory now to the Father in all the heavens high
And peace to His friends on earth below,” is all the angels cry

Tony: guitar, uillean pipes; Pat: whistle, bodhran; Hilde: vocal, cello; Mark: harp, flute
Jennifer: fiddle; Mike: guitar, bouzouki; Ed Bialach: bodhran on “That Night”

Words & music: Traditional
We could be wrong, but this may be the only Christmas song originally written in Scots Gaelic. It is a lovely song, revealing the awe Mary must have felt knowing the true identity of her son.

My love, my treasured one are You, my sweet and lovely Son are You
You are my love, my darling, You; unworthy I of You

Your mild and gentle eyes proclaim the loving heart with which You came
Tender, helpless tiny babe with countless gifts of grace

King of kings, most holy One, God the Son, eternal One
You are my God and helpless Son, High ruler of mankind

Mike: guitar; Mark: flute; Hilde: vocals, cello; Jennifer: backing vocals, fiddle; Tony: highland pipes

Music: Mike Baznik
Blue gives way to black sky, baby cries in Bethlehem stable
Mike: guitar; Mark: harp; Tony: uillean pipes

13th c. trans. S.P. / traditional / traditional
We tried to fill the song with a joyfulness that reflected its subject. Here’s translations of the Latin bits:
In dulci jubilo: in sweet shouting or jubilation; in praesepio: in a manger; matris in gremio: in his mother’s lap; Alpha es et O: Thou art Alpha and Omega; O Jesu parvule: O tiny Jesus; O puer optime: O best of boys; O princeps gloriae: O prince of glory;  Trahe me post te: Draw me after thee; O Patris caritas: O love of the Father; O Nati lenitas: O gentleness of the Son; per nostra crimina: through our crimes; coelorum gaudia: the joys of the heavens; Ubi sunt gaudia: Where are joys?; Nova cantica: New songs; in Regis curia: in the court of the King. Reportedly sung to Henry Suso (d. 1366) by angels.

In dulci jubilo, Now sing with hearts aglow! Our delight and pleasure
Lies in praesepio, like sunshine is our treasure matris in gremio
Alpha es et O! Alpha es et O!

O Jesu, parvule, for Thee I long alway; comfort my heart’s blindness
O puer optime, with all thy lovingkindness, O princeps gloriae
Trahe me post te! Trahe me post te!

O Patris caritas! O Nati lenitas! Deeply were we stainéd
per nostra crimina; but thou for us hast gainéd coelorum gaudia,
O that we were there! O that we were there!

Ubi sunt gaudia in any place but there? There are angels singing
Nova cantica, and there  the bells are ringing in Regis curia.
O that we were there! O that we were there!

Mike: bouzouki, guitar; Tony: vocals, bass bodhran; Hilde: cello, piano; Mark: backing vocals, dulcimer, flute; Jennifer: fiddle; Pat: bones, whistle

Words: Robert Beers; Music, Traditional
Inspired by a fiddle tune of the same name, Robert Beers envisioned a caravan moving across the desert, camels loaded with various goods, all led by three drummers. We see this caravan continuing through history, starting small at the birth of a Babe in a stable and making its way all around the world!

Three little drummers stood on the high ground
They walked all about and they circled around
When they were abreast, three in a line
Then off they did go for to follow the sign

Valley and stubble and river and rill
Three little drummers came over the hill
Three drummers from Africa leading the way
To play for the baby on Christmas day

Baker and beggar, soldier and Jew
Who do as they will or as other men do
When they were abreast, three in a line
Then off they did go for to follow the sign

Sheep in the pasture did wander afar
To join with their brothers and follow the star
When they were abreast, three in a line
Then off they did go for to follow the sign

Then cities did open and nations arise
To follow their kings and the light in the skies
When they were abreast, three in a line
Then off they did go for to follow the sign

Pat: bodhran; Tony: vocals, whistle, didgeridoo; Mark: harp, backing vocals; Mike: bass bodhran, backing vocals; Jennifer: fiddle; Hilde: tambourine, finger cymbals, backing vocals; Scott Knies: doumbek

Words by Hans Adolph Brorson (1732-1764), trans. by Hilde Bialach and Pat Peterson; music: Norwegian variation of a Swedish folk tune. Hans Brorson, a Danish bishop inspired by pietism, expressed in “Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker” the need for a faith that was lived and not just learned. Many people journeyed to the Holy Land in his time, but often returned disappointed by the commercial atmosphere. Brorson encouraged people to travel to the place in their hearts where they could meet Jesus, knowing they would not be disappointed.

Hilde: I would like to dedicate this to my mother, who passed away a few years ago. She had a great appreciation of the hymns —I think she had most of the Norwegian Lutheran Hymnbook memorized! She wanted to pass that appreciation on to her children; I was the one who took the longest to see what a treasure we have in the traditional hymns.

Pat: Hilde translated all the verses, I worked them into a more poetic form. A week before recording, we decided to go with a more conversational tone. I was still changing words around as we recorded the piece!

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker I Jesu føderum

der samles mine tanker som i sin hovedsum
Der er min lengsel hjemme, der har min tro sin skatt
jeg kan dig aldri glemme, velsignet julenatt!

Den mørke stall skal være mitt hjertes frydeslott
der kan jeg daglig lære å glemme verdens spott
Der kan med takk jeg finne hvori min ros består

når Jesu krybbes minne mig rett til hjerte går

Men under uten like, hvor kan jeg vel forstå
at Gud av himmerike i stallen ligge må!
At himlens fryd og ære, det levende Guds ord
skal så foraktet være på denne arme jord!

My heart often visits the place of Jesus’ birth with the cattle lowing and the star shining down the whisper of angels here my thoughts gather round. And my longings are at home and at rest and my faith finds its treasure on this Christmas night blest! How can I forget this vision, the dark stable filled with creation and Creator, this place is a foretaste of joy complete! I come here daily to roam, leaving behind the world’s mocking scorn and seeking ways to speak, to sing your glorious praise. How long the memories linger of this ancient manger, a crib of wood and hay—and the miracle within and beyond all this is God appearing here in this stable small and rude. He came, but was despised on this poor earth-Him, the eternal honored Word.

Akk kom, jeg opp vil lukke mitt hjerte og mitt sinn
og full av lengsel sukke kom, Jesus, dog herinn!
det er ei fremmed bolig, du har den selv jo kjøpt
så skal du blive trolig her i mitt hjerte svøpt

Jeg gjerne palmegrene vil om din krybbe strø
for dig, for dig alene jeg leve vil og dø
Kom, la min sjel dog finne sin rette gledes stund
at du er født her inne i hjertets dype grunn

Yet I can offer Him a dwelling place forever—here within my heart. I am here; “Please come, sweet Jesus,” I sigh, “come to this heart that is your home. I know it is no strange place I offer you for it has been built and bought by you. Here you can come back in to your creation, and I will wrap you gently in my heart and soul. If I could, I would place palm branches all round your feet. For you I will live, and for you I will die. I have found complete joy, as in my heart you are born anew.

Tony: guitar, backing vocals; Hilde: vocals; Mike: bouzouki; Jennifer: fiddle; Mark: whistle; Pat: speaking

Traditional London version. From a broadside printed by J. & C. Evans, Long-lane, London, some fifty years before Rimbault. "God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” has been sung in the streets of London for over 200 years, and is considered one of the most popular carols around the world. This is the London version, slightly different from the one sung in the United States—so if you sing along, make sure you read the words!

God rest you merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay
remember Christ our Saviour was born on Christmas day
to save poor souls from Satan’s power which had long time gone astray
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

From God that is our Father, the blessed angels came
unto some certain shepherds with tidings of the same
that there was born in Bethlehem, the Son of God by name
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

Go, fear not, said God’s angels. Let nothing you affright
For there is born in Bethlehem, of a pure virgin bright
one able to advance you, and throw down Satan quite
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy

The shepherds at those tidings, rejoiced much in mind
and left their flocks a feeding in tempest storms of wind
and straight they came to Bethlehem, the Son of God to find
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

Now when they came to Bethlehem, where our sweet Savior lay
They found Him in a manger, where oxen feed on hay
the blessed Virgin kneeling down, unto the Lord did pray
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

With sudden joy and gladness, the shepherds were beguil’d
to see the Babe of Israel, before His mother mild
on them with joy and cheerfulness, rejoice each mother’s child
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

Now to the Lord sing praises, all you within this place
like we true loving brethren, each other to embrace
for the merry time of Christmas, is drawing on a pace
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy
And it’s tidings of comfort and joy

Mark: whistle, backing vocals; Tony: guitar, vocals; Mike: bouzouki, backing vocals; Jennifer: fiddle, backing vocals; Hilde: cello, backing vocals; Pat: bodhran, backing vocals

Words: Dave Canfield, Pat Peterson; Music: Tony Krogh
Dave Canfield has been a great help to many bands at the Jesus People USA community, and he blessed us with the beginnings of this song. As mentioned in the notes for “Mitt Hjerte,” people often go to the holy lands in hopes of revitalizing their spiritual lives. For many, this is a great opportunity, and the pilgrimage may bear good fruit. For those who may feel they are “missing” something by not going—look into your heart and soul; here you can meet the Lord, here His “tender mercies” are renewed every morning. And we are called—to the stable, to the dusty roads of Galilee, to the cross, to the path set before each of us by Him.

I came here so ragged, I followed truth’s star
a chorus of angels has led me thus far
I came as a beggar at the feet of a Babe
just one more debtor who never can pay

I am no ancient, no shepherd, no king
I have no gold, no gift do I bring
I’m only a man here who’s remembering
when this lowly stable held court to a King

I came seeking wisdom—nearly missing great grace!
The hope of all ages lingers still in this place
The wind carries whispers of cries from that night
when all those who sought Him found joy in His light

We’ve travelled this path for two thousand years
with dreams, hope, and longing, with sorrow and tears

Now on this bright morning we’re called to carry on
to the cross where we start our own journey home

He is the Ancient of Days, the true King
He came bearing gifts: God’s love did He bring
He calls to us softly—this Babe, eternal Word
the Lion of Judah, our Savior and Lord

Tony: vocals; Mike: backing vocals; Mark: backing vocals

Emmanuel has come—and will come again!

Mike: guitar; Jennifer: fiddle; Tony: highland pipes; Hilde: cello; Ed Bialach: keyboard





Traditional / Tony Krogh
Alliteration aside, the first tune is traditional (the Sound of Sleat is a large coastal inlet on the western shore of Scotland); the second tune is one that our piper/frontman Tony Krogh wrote (the title is from a Latin phrase describing the evangelists that came to Europe from Ireland in the Dark Ages). 

Words: Pat Peterson; Music: Tony Krogh
We pondered what effect the acts of terrorism would have on the terrorists themselves - what their thoughts would be about duty, and about the legacy they were creating for their children. Continue to pray for lasting peace in Ireland, and a fair shake for each of its citizens. 

I did it for my country
And for my family
I stood my ground against the crown
For Eire united and free
I know the cost of freedom
I've paid the price of war
I've fought and bled, left others dead
To even out the score

Memories and history 
Charge through me like a flood
Struggles lost and won were all
Meted out with blood
I stood upon the shoulders
Of MacCool, O'Neill and Pearce
Living life in the Troubles
As they lived life in theirs

My heart is still a harbor
Of the wilderness of war
There's safety in the shadows 
Of how I lived before
I never questioned orders
Or asked the reasons why
I justified the truth I made
I justified a lie

Cease-fire on the evening news
And I think that time will show
There's more than peace that matters
When you're living on the dole
Where dreams they come, the nightmares
Of glory and of shame
Of course and means and comrades
Devoured by the flame

Though they struggle round me
Surrounded by a storm
Of those who've gone before me
And those who'll carry on
It was all so clear for moments
Before the rain set in
A drowning man, a patriot
Is it honor or is it sin

There is One in whom hope is a constant, and we are often amazed by the signs of hope in what seem to be the most disheartening places.

From north, south, east and west
From each people, from each land
We see love and we see hate
And blood shed by a brother's hand

But there's One to give us hope
And there's One to give us rest
For the One who gave us life
Is the One who loves us best

From Rwanda to Kuwait
From Beirut to Belfast town
On country roads and city streets
The tears flood the quiet ground

Like the echo of a bell
Far beyond the ocean's foam
You can hear the growing swell
Of a people coming home

In the morn you'll see the star
In the west and in the east
He'll be calling from afar
All His children to the feast

Words & Music: Tony Krogh

Jennifer Ingerson
The title is taken from a song written by Jennifer's friend Andy Young. The song tells of a man dying of AIDS who is planting a garden although he may not live to see it grow. The song's chorus, "If I never see the fruits of my labor, it doesn't mean my labor was in vain," echoed hope to Jennifer and her husband upon the miscarriage of the first child - the hope that the child had not been created in vain even though he didn't live with them on earth. God had created him for eternity.

It began in Rwanda, and continues in Bosnia and everywhere else people are forced from their homes by war and unrest. This is one woman, one story, one journey—yet in it we hope to reflect the untold millions of similar stories. We dedicate this song to Robert Krueger, former U.S. ambassador to Burundi. At great risk to himself and his family, he worked to make known the truth about the devastating conflicts in that country. 

A letter yellowed by the years
Slips from her weathered hand
To the weary trail of tears
We walk today
She stops to rest and gathers up 
The faded memories
Of family and friends
She'll no more see

Tracing words that speak with fire
Of passion and of joy
With dusty fingers creased 
By wind and toil
She gently presses to her lips
This chapter of her life
As she walks the last time
On her homeland's soil

We walk along together
Towards a barren place
Past streams and bodies
fields and empty towns
Our prayers wing slow and silent
Into the cloudless air
Her tired plea is for peace again

At times we cannot understand
The hear of tyranny
That ravages our homes 
And fragile dreams
The cry for mercy whispers
From a land of refugees
And from the woman who is 
Walking next to me

We reach the distant borderland
On a dark and dreamless night
She goes her unknown way
As I go mine
I hope she'll find that peace
Beyond the reaches of our minds
While she hopes that I won't 
Forget this time

Words: Pat Peterson; Music: Tony Krogh

Traditional / Mike Baznik
A brooding rendition of a classic tune, followed by Mike's rollicking reel.

Glenn Kaiser wrote the original version of this while in Scotland this past winter. Sometimes your heart can ache for a country, for the beauty of its land and the hurts of its people. The march at the end, "Hugh Healy's," was written by Tony for a memorial service.

Standing in the mist last night 
Caught by the winter rain
That fell on the ghosts of the city
I felt I was home again
I could almost hear ancient melodies
The skirl, and the pibroch's pride
But they were lost in the cries of the children
And the hearts where hope has died

From the highlands to harbor towns
Barra to Culloden's plain
You are fair and wild, bittersweet
Lovely land, a land of pain
God knows you were a fighter 
All in your younger days
But God knows how kingdoms come and go
And how hard to rise again

But I know Someone who wants you
I know Someone who loves you
I know Someone who knows your name
Someone who knows your name

A passionate heart in each one burns
A love that's fierce and warm
Solid you stand in wind and rain
As the mountains within the storm
Each of you, sons and daughters
Has a destiny
In Someone who died, who rose up again
And in Him will your lives be free

Words: Glenn Kaiser, Pat Peterson; Music: Tony Krogh

We often hear the future because we cannot see what it holds. Passages like Psalm 121 remind us that tomorrow is God's creation; He is there already, and we can go there without fear. 

I lift up my eyes and I look to the mountains
And see by their shadow I'm nothing at all
The hills tower over me black and forbidding
The tangles of forest bid me come and fall

No light may enter the caves a great fortress
Their darkness defended by cavern and wall
A torrent, a flood crashes over the rocks and
The thundering falls drown a voice still and small

Listen, my child, for I made these great mountains
The sky far above you, the rocks and the fall
The tangles of forest, the caves and the crags
And whatever dwells in them; my hands formed them all

The shadows are emptied of threat for I'm in them
As I am with you where you follow my call
So lift up your eyes and look over the mountains
And walk in my shadow; I'll not let you fall

Words & Music: Jennifer Ingerson / Duncan Johnstone

Jennifer Ingerson
Dedicated to Jennifer's mother, who gave her this most useful piece of plumbing advice. 

Tony wrote this late one night as he looked back over his day with the questions, "Did I please You, Lord? Did I do what You asked of me?"

When the sun sets over the highlands 
And sleeps beneath the sea
When shadows stretch o'er the lowlands
And starlight fills my eye
Then the eagle seeks his eyrie
And the gray owl finds his wings
And homeward bound my weary step
And the ending of the day

At the ending of the day
At the ending of the day

Now before the breathing fire
As the glowing embers burn
I bare my heart before you
Like a rock to wind or storm

And like the stone did I stand firmly?
Or did I wander soft away?
Have I done all, did I please you?
At the ending of the day

Words & Music: Tony Krogh

Another pipe set; two classic tunes, four minutes and fifteen seconds of fun. 

Hilde Bialach—Vocals, Cello
Jennifer Ingerson—Fiddle, Vocals
Mike Baznik—Guitar, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Upright Bass, Dulcimer, Vocals
Pat Peterson—Bodhrán, Whistle, Bones, Vocals
Tony Krogh—Vocals, Highland Pipes, Guitar, Bouzouki, Didgeridoo, Bodhrán, Whistle
Mark Hall—Flute, Harp, Vocals

Recorded and mixed at Tone Zone Studios, Chicago. Engineered and mixed by Ed Bialach. Mastered at SAC Digital Mastering, Phoenix, by Roger Seibel.

Gikas Markantonatos (highland snare drum on "Someone Who Knows Your Name" and "Mikes Reel") appears courtesy of Celtic Aire. Additional keyboards on "Psalm" by Ed Bialach.

All songs © 1996 Grrr Music/ASCAP







Mark: flute; Mike: guitar; Jennifer: fiddle; Pat: whistle, bodhran; Tony: highland pipes; Hilde: cello

(Words: Pat Peterson; Music: Traditional)
Hilde: lead vocals, piano; Mike: guitar, vocals; Jennifer: fiddle; Tony: uilleann pipes, vocals; Mark: vocals; Pat: whistle

I’ve seen the glow on the sea tonight
How well I know that dreadful sight
With two rigs gone since Tuesday last
I fear the waiting will soon be past

Hush now, baby, it’s time to sleep
Let’s pray the Lord our souls to keep
Your daddy’s still out on the sea
Hush now, darling, and pray with me

Our livelihood was the fishing trade
Me gutting herring, him on the waves
But the catch was less, our needs were more
‘Twas hard to be part of the working poor

So the boat was sold, the nets are hung out
And he signed on as a roustabout
Coaxing oil from the cold North Sea
To pay the rent and to buy our tea

I’d lie awake like we are tonight
Praying till the dawn’s first light
It’s been hard these past few years
To live around all the hidden fears

I’ve seen the glow on the sea tonight
How well I know that dreadful sight
With two rigs gone since Tuesday last
I fear the waiting will soon be past

(Words & Music: Tony Krogh/ Traditional)
Mark: lap dulcimer; Tony: lead vocals, uilleann pipes, diddling; Mike: bouzouki, vocals, electric bass; Jennifer: fiddle; Pat: whistle, bodhran; Hilde: cello

One fine summer's morning both gallant and gay
A bold little preacher went out on his way
With tracts all in his pockets and Bible in hand
The preacher, the preacher went over the land 

He went to the city and when he got there
He met a young man with green dye in his hair
He boldly stepped to him and said, "I suppose
That  you're a punk rocker by the looks of your clothes." 

"Well, you guesses me right and a wild one I'll claim
My jacket is leather and Rat is my name
Now tell to me, preacher, what is it you fear
The pin in my cheek or the ring in my ear?" 

The preacher, he stammered and started to squawk
His words they got stuck in his throat when he talked
His years in the pulpit, they did not prepare
For the day he would talk to a man with green hair 

He finally says, "Laddie, naive I might be
But what's to prevent you from being set free?
The angels in heaven and God on His throne
Are calling for you to be one of His own." 

"Be off little preacher, now what do you mean?
I'm not in prison, so I must be free
I'm a punk and a rocker and a rebel you see
Be off little preacher, you're bothering me." 

Well he put on his hat and he bade him farewell
He said "Son, I'm afraid that you're headed for hell
But think on this now before taking that ride
It's surely for you the Lord Jesus has died." 

"Come back little preacher, now don't go so fast
Anarchy's prison -- you've reached me at last
My dope and my parties are making me ill
Come back little preacher and show me His will." 

They fell on their knees and they started to pray
The preacher gained one green-haired brother that day
For what's to be said when it's over and done
The Rat fell in love with Lord Jesus the Son 

Reels (Traditional)
Jennifer: fiddle; Hilde: cello; Mike: bouzouki, keyboards; Mark: flute; Tony: uilleann pipes; Pat: whistle, bones, bodhran

Words & Music: Tommy Sands
Tony: lead vocals, guitar, uilleann pipes; Jennifer: fiddle, vocals; Hilde: cello, vocals; Mike: vocals; Mark: vocals; Pat: vocals

So my song for you this evening, it's not to make you sad 

Nor for adding to the sorrows of our troubled northern land 

But lately I've been thinking and it just won't leave my mind 

I'll tell you of two friends of mine who were both good friends of mine

Isaac Scott from Banagh, he lived just across the fields 

A great man for the music, the dancing and the reels
McDonald came from South Armagh to court young Alice fair
And we often met on the Ryan Road and laughter filled the air

There were roses, roses 
There were roses
And the tears of a people ran together

Now Isaac he was Protestant and Sean was Catholic born 

But it never made a difference, for the friendship it was strong 

And sometimes in the evening when we heard the sound of drums 

We said it won't divide us, we always will be one

For the ground our fathers plowed in, the soil it is the same 

And the places where we say our prayers have just got different names 

We talked about the friends who'd died and hoped there'd be no more 

It was little then we realized the tragedy in store     

It was on a Sunday morning when the awful news came round 

Another killing had been done just outside Newry Town 

We knew that Isaac danced up there, we knew he liked the band 

But when we heard that he was dead we just could not understand

We gathered round the graveside on a cold and rainy day 

The minister he closed his eyes and for no revenge he prayed 

And all of us who knew him from along the Ryan Road 

We bowed our heads and said a prayer for the resting of his soul    

Now fear it filled the countryside there was fear in every home 

When late at night a car came prowling round the Ryan Road
A Catholic would be killed tonight to even up the score 

But, oh God, it's young McDonald they've taken from the door

Isaac was my friend! he cried, he begged them with his tears 

But centuries of hatred have ears that do not hear 

An eye for an eye, it was all that filled their minds
And another eye for another eye till everyone is blind

So my song for you this evening, it's not to make you sad
Nor for adding to the sorrows of our troubled northern land
But lately I've been thinking and it just won't leave my mind

I'll tell you of two friends of mine who were both good friends of mine

Now I don't know where the moral is or where this song should end 

But I wonder just how many wars are fought between good friends 

And those who give the orders are not the ones to die 

It's Scott and McDonald and the likes of you and I

Slip Jigs (Traditional)
Jennifer: fiddle; Mike: guitar; Pat: bodhran, low D whistle; Tony: bouzouki, guitar; Mark: whistle, harp; Hilde: cello

(Words: Robert Burns, Tony Krogh; Music: Tony Krogh)
Mike: lead vocals, guitar; Hilde: cello, vocals; Mark: flute, vocals; Jennifer: fiddle, vocals; Pat: whistle, bodhran, vocals; Tony: lead vocals, highland pipes

The wintry west extends his blast
And hail and rain dost blow

Or, the stormy north sends driving forth 

The blinding sleet and snow
While tumbling brown, the burn comes down

And roars from bank to brae

And bird and beast in covert rest

And pass the heartless day

Through the night, through the night 

Through the night and all 

Tho' all my strength be sorely spent 

And stars do die and fall
To Thee my King I gladly cling 

When black winds howl and blow 

When all is done and battle won 

Let Christ receive my soul

The sweeping blast, the sky o'ercast 

The joyless winter-day 

Let others fear, to me more dear

Than all the pride of May 

The tempest's howl, it soothes my soul 

My griefs it seems to join 
The leafless trees my fancy please

Their fate resembles mine

Thou Pow'r Supreme, whose mighty scheme
These woes of mine fulfill
Here, firm, I rest, they must be best
Because they are Thy will

Then all I want (Oh! do Thou grant 

This one request of mine!) 

Since to enjoy Thou dost deny 

Assist me to resign

Reels (Traditional)
Tony: guitar, bouzouki; Mike: guitar; Jennifer: fiddle; Mark: flute; Pat: bodhran; Hilde: cello, keyboard

(Words & Music: Tony Krogh)
Tony: lead vocals, guitar; Mike: keyboard, vocals; Pat: whistle, vocals; Mark: harp, vocals; Hilde: vocals; Jennifer: vocals

Oh where, oh where, is the carpenter? 
Oh father where is Joseph's son? 
I have looked high and I have looked low 
Oh tell me where, has the carpenter gone

He's gone, he's gone to walk this wide land 
My son the truth I'll tell to you 
He has twelve men to walk beside him 
His Father's will he has gone to do 

And he traveled north, and he traveled south 
No food, no drink did pass his mouth 
For forty days in the wilderness 
Our carpenter, did pass his test 

He traveled east, and he traveled west 
O'er mountain high, through valley low 
To heal the sick, the deaf and the blinded 
To shed His light in our darkened souls 

Oh where, oh where is the carpenter? 
Oh father where is Joseph's son? 
I hear the cries, I see the soldiers 
Oh tell me where has the carpenter gone 

He's gone, he's gone to yon green garden 
Of his twelve men took all but one 
To pray for strength for what lay before him 
Saying, "Not my will but Thine be done." 

He's gone, he's gone to yon high hill 
Gone to where stood crosses three 
He cried his last 'neath the blackened sky 
And all alone died on the cursed tree 

A tomb so deep, and stones so cold 
Laid there, men thought, no more to see 
But just as the sun returns in the morning 
He rose from death and he set us free 

Oh where, oh where is the carpenter? 
Oh father where is God's own Son? 
My son, He's gone where we cannot follow 
But He'll return to take us home

Pipe Set (Tony Krogh/Traditional)
Tony: highland pipes; Hilde: keyboard; Jennifer: fiddle; Mark: flute; Mike: guitar; Pat: bodhran

(Words: John Leland; Music: T. W. Carter)
Hilde: lead vocals; Mike: bouzouki, vocals; Pat: bodhran, vocals; Jennifer: vocals, fiddle; Mark: flute, vocals; Tony: uillean pipes, vocals

Oh when will I see Jesus 

And reign with Him above? 

And from the flowing fountain 

Drink everlasting love

O had I wings I would fly away and be at rest 

And I'd praise God in His bright abode

Whene'er you meet with troubles
And trials on your way
Then cast your cares on Jesus 

And don't forget to pray

Gird on the gospel armor 

Of faith and hope and love  

And when the combat's ended 

He'll carry you above

Oh do not be discouraged

For Jesus is your friend 

And if you lack for knowledge 

He'll not refuse to lend

Neither will He upbraid you 

Though often you request 

He'll give you grace to conquer 

And take you home to rest






1990 / 1993

Kesh Jig / Road to Lisdoonvarna / Campbell’s Farewell to Redgap

My Son / Home With the Girls in the Morning
Words: Tony Krogh; Music: Traditional

What’s that blood upon Your brow
Come, Son, tell me truly
What’s that blood upon Your brow
Come, Son, tell me truly
That blood it comes from thorns so long
Hie lady, ho lady mother
That blood it comes from thorns so long
Oh, sin has wounded me

What’s that blood upon Your hand
Come, Son, tell me truly
What’s that blood upon Your hand
Come, Son, tell me truly
That blood it was shed for man
Hie lady, ho lady, mother
That blood it was shed for man
For his sin has wounded me

And what’s that wound upon Your side
Come, Son, tell me truly
And what’s that wound upon Your side
Come, Son, tell me truly
It comes from love that I cannot hide
Hie lady, ho lady, mother
It comes from love I cannot hide
Oh, I long for man to love Me

And tell me who has made Thee cry
Come, Son, tell me truly
And tell me who has caused Thee to die
Come, Son, tell me truly
‘Twas the sin of man that made me cry
Hie lady, ho lady, mother
‘Twas my father’s will that I should die
All for man to be free

And tell me when You’ll return again
Come, Lord, tell me truly
And tell me when you’ll return again
Come, Lord, tell me truly
Oh, when the stars fall from the sky
Hie lady, ho lady, mother
When the sun and moon lay down to die
Then my kingdom shall be nigh

Carpenter (Lord of All) / Ten Penny Bit
Words: Glenn Kaiser; Music: Tony Krogh
A carpenter from Nazareth
A Man from Galilee
He talked a lot of love
And setting captives free
The men who rallied 'round Him
Fishermen by trade
He called out twelve
They followed Him
And fishermen He made

He spoke a lot in churches
And in the countryside
The people heard Him gladly
As He prophesied
About His Father's kingdom
Salvation through the Son
He exposed the liars
He had them on the run

One night they came and took Him
And nailed Him to a tree
Though He never sinned a single sin
He died for you and me
But He did just what He said He'd do
God raised Him from the grave
He said if we'd believe in Him
That we would be saved

Of all who came to follow
He never lost a one
Except the ones who ran from Him
To travel on their own
But He talked a lot of judgement
And you'll either rise or fall
You can call Him what you will
I call Him Lord of all!

The Cold Within
Words: Anonymous; Music: Tony Krogh

Six men trapped by circumstance in the bleak and bitter cold
Each one possessed a stick of wood, or so the story's told
Their dying fire in need of logs, the first one held his back
For of the faces 'round the fire, he noticed one man black

The next one sitting 'cross the way saw one not of his church
And couldn't bring himself to give the fire his stick of birch
The third one sat in tattered clothes and gave his coat a hitch
Why should his log be put to use to warm the idle rich?

The rich man just sat back and thought of all he had in store
And how to keep what he had earned from the lazy poor
And the black man's face bespoke revenge as the fire passed from his sight
All he saw in his stick of wood was a chance to spite the white

The last man of this group did nought except for gain
Giving only to those who gave was how he played the game
Their logs frozen in their hands was proof of human sin
They didn't die from cold without, they died from cold within

Jennifer’s Favorite / Blarney Pilgrim / Swallowtail Jig
Tony Krogh / Traditional / Traditional

No Easy Answer
Words: Tony Krogh, Pat Peterson; Music: Tony Krogh / Traditional

I’ve never walked upon your streets
Nor leaned upon your walls
I’ve never seen your countryside
But I’ve heard your angry calls
You shed your blood upon the land
You gave your lives unto a man
But Ireland is wounded and
She’s bleeding once again

O Ireland, I’ve never seen
Your cities or your towns
But human nature is the same
Wherever man is found
I know of all the troubles
You’ve had so many years
The fire, the flame, the burning shame
That’s bringing you to tears
From the Bogside to the Shankill
Whether wearing orange or green
Dying is reality
When fighting for a dream

To bring all men together
‘Twas the reason that He died
For there is no room for rifles
When you’re standing side by side
There is no easy answer
When everything is gray
And the land of saints and scholars
Is fading fast away

O Ireland, the war within
Is where the battle starts
His peace will come to nations
When He changes human hears

What Will Ye Do
Words: Tony Krogh; Music: traditional

She sat by the water while her thoughts flowed about her
The heart in her breast, it seemed like a stone
For the life that she carried was no longer there
The cruel knife did its work and she's alone
Now there's no one to turn to, there's nowhere to go
She's so scared of leaving, but afraid to go home
"This isn't the way they'd said it would be"
Said the note left behind as she fell to the sea

And what will ye do about me?
Tell me, what will ye do about me?
Don't cast me aside, out of sight out of mind
Tell me, what will ye do about me?

Down on the cobbles the ragman is lying
A bag tied with twine holds all that he owns
The woman he married is lo longer there
The cruel drink did its work, and now he's alone
There's no one to turn to, there's no place to go
No job, no money, no place to call home
"This isn't the way they said it would be,"
Said the look in his eyes as he turned them on me

From a tenement cellar a young man came stumbling
Tracks of the needle stood bold on his arm
His age, barely twenty, but his eyes are so empty
The junk took its toll, his life nearly gone
There's no one to turn to, no place for relief
He can't hold a job so he must play the thief
"This isn't the way they said it would be"
Said the man trapped inside him as he longed to be free

They came o'er the water to escape all the slaughter
Their country was torn by the mad dogs of war
The freedom we'd offered was no longer there
It had vanished like mist when their boats touched the shore
Now there's no one to turn to, no place to find peace
Their babies are hungry, their crying won't cease
The isn't the way they said it would be
And still no one offers to bring them relief

When men here are hurting and children they cry
When women are lifting their face to the sky
With hope disappearing and their backs to the wall
Now tell to me, Christian, who'll answer the call?
Oh we can't ignore them, the Church cannot sleep
If we sow indifference then what will we reap?
We may have the answer right here in our hand
But how can we help with our head in the sand?

November Child
Words & Music: Pat Peterson

Silence in the heavens, a cold November day
Rain is softly falling, a little one is calling
On a cold November day

Silence is the heart, a cold November day
Snow is softly falling, a little one is calling
on a cold November day

Silence in the soul, a cold November day
Night is softly falling, a little one is calling
On a cold November day

A bustle in the house, a cold November day
Dawn is slowly breaking, a silent heart is aching
On a cold November day

A bustle at the table, a cold November day
A meal of Thanksgiving, shared among the living
On a cold November day

Night is softly falling, a cold November day
A day of joy and gladness is shattered by the madness
Of a cold November day

Tears are softly falling, a cold November day
Darkness slowly falling, a little one is calling
On a cold November day

Lovely Joan / James Cameron Stuart / Mark’s Wedding / The Donor Wants Her Kidney Back
Traditional / Traditional / Tony Krogh / Traditional

None But One
Words: Tony Krogh; Music: traditional

I walk the quiet roads by night
All in the wind and weather
And by the day I steal away
To sleep is shaded heather

And in my dream there came a cry
It moved with human sound
Some did walk, others did run
Some lay upon the ground

And some did stop to help the weak
Some trampled on the others
And in my dream, I understood
And saw them as my brothers

And from my heart there came a cry
That brought with it a tear
That none but One can understand
And none but One can hear

The deadly war is past and gone
But there is no peace returning
The names are graven row by row
Upon that black stone wall

They were not the only ones to die
When the bombs began to fall
How can a man deal with his past
When memories keep burning?
They say that time can heal a hurt
But mine just keeps returning

Roslyn Castle

Feel Like a Robber / Buy New Boots for Maggie
Tony Krogh / Traditional

Rise Ye Up and Go
Words: Tony Krogh; Music: Traditional

Prepare yourselves for battle
Take up the sword and shield
Our Chieftain goes before us
And none of us shall yield

The High King gives the order
The piper sounds the call
Take up the cry and rally
Ye soldiers one and all

Black clouds of war are forming
The battle lines are drawn
Black and white the colors
There is no neutral ground

So whet the sward, and string the bow
Set banner up on high
“The crib, the cross, the empty tomb!”
Is now our battle cry

With angels camped around us
We wait upon the Lord
We’re ready for the struggle
He’s trained our hands for war

Take courage, let your hearts be strong
In God we cannot fail!
He rides swiftly on the wings of wind
The dark cannot prevail

The watchman stands upon the hill
The piper on the wall
Waiting for the signal
To give the battle call

Now hear the cry upon the wind
It seems to ebb and flow
Now stronger comes the Lord’s command
“Rise ye up and go!”

Be Thou My Vision
Words: Eleanor Hull; Music: Traditional

Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light

Be Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word
I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord
Thou my great Father, I Thy true son
Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one

High King of Heaven, my victory won
May I reach Heaven’s joys, O bright Heaven’s Sun!
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall
Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all

Aran Butterfly (Aran Boat / Red Admiral Butterfly)

Parting Song
Words & Music: Traditional

Brothers, now our meeting is over
And surely we must part
And if I never anymore see you
I will love you in my heart

The Lord will land on the sea
The Lord will land on the shore
The Lord will land on the see
And we’ll shout forever more

Sisters, now our meeting is over
And surely we must part
And if I never anymore see you
I will love you in my heart

Children, now our meeting is over
And surely we must part
And if I never anymore see you
I will love you in my heart

Words & Music: Rodney Cordner

Come let us sing a new song
Let us sing a new song
Come let us sing a new song
And what a victory

For we have been delivered
We have been delivered
For we have been delivered
And all the world will see

That only He is worthy
Only He is worthy
That only He is worthy
For He has set us free